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Many providers like to advertise low fees, but fail to reveal all of their fees or that a particular fee only applies to a certain card type. At Payments Gateway we believe in being open and honest with our pricing so you get exactly what you sign up for without any hidden surprises.
While we would love to add your business as a life-long customer, in the unlikely event you do wish to switch, we won’t prevent you from going to another service provider by holding your data hostage. The only requirements are a nominal data transfer fee and that we send the data in to a PCI Certified provider using strong encryption.
Process payments on your computer quickly and easily using Virtual Terminal 3 by Payments Gateway. Virtual Terminal 3.0 the industry’s most advanced and flexible payment terminal by far. So whether you’re processing payments in person, over the phone or by mail, Virtual Terminal is the right solution for your business.
Whether you’re in your office, at home or on a beach in some far off exotic locale, Payments Gateway’s real-time reporting allows you to keep tabs on your entire organization in real-time.
Stop fraudulent payments dead in their tracks with Payments Gateway’s fraud prevention tools. Start protecting your organization from fraud by signing up today.
Payments Gateway has been built from the ground up to provide your organization with secure, reliable and fast payment processing services. Don’t settle for less, demand the service that will keep your sales flowing quickly and reliably.
Learn about all of the powerful features that Payments Gateway has to offer by attending any of our online training webinars. You’ll have the opportunity to speak directly with our experts who can help you to understand and utilize Payments Gateway to the absolute fullest.
Have a business or organization that only needs to process payments certain times during the year? Talk to one of our payment professionals today and learn about how our seasonal downtime program can help your business.
The Talos Data Vault (TDV) allows you to process your customer’s payments without the risk and regulatory burdens of storing your customer’s payment information yourself. With TDV, Protect your customer’s credit card, debit card and electronic check information using the payment industry’s strictest standards for data security.
Your price for this will vary based on the Merchant Account service provider that you utilize. Don’t already have a Merchant Account? Payments Gateway can help – choose one of our merchant account pages or talk to one of our representatives today!
Who Uses Payments Gateway?

How competitive is your pricing?

We offer competitive rates. All processors have roughly the same costs. We don’t employ pricing trickery as some of our competitors do. We believe in honest and open pricing so there are no hidden surprises. When comparing pricing, keep in mind that our merchant accounts include gateway services, recurring billing and tokenization at no additional monthly or per transaction cost.

Do I need my own merchant account?

We would be happy to provide you with a merchant account. However, should you need to keep your existing merchant account, you can still use our extensive tool set and reporting.

How much do you charge for support?

All merchants receive our all-inclusive customer and technical support for installation, configuration and ongoing support at no additional cost

Can you help with PCI?

We help merchants reduce the scope of PCI. By employing our tokenization tools and storing confidential data on PaymentsGateway’s secure servers, we help you simplify your PCI requirements.

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