Web Services

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The Payments Gateway supports various integration functions through web service calls. The following web services are provided:

  •  Client, Merchant and Transaction
  • AGI Transaction Web Service – Create payment transactions. See AGI Guide for details. 
    • Execute Socket Delimited Query - accepts two parameters "strParameters" and "strDelimiter"
      • Example
        • strParameters=pg_merchant_id=2000|pg_password=pass|endofdata|
        • strDelimiter=|
    • Execute Socket Query - accepts name value pairs. See AGI Guide for details. 
    • Locations: Live | Sandbox
  • IDVerify Web Service – Verify consumer identities through the IDVerify service. See IDVerify Guide for details.
  • Partner Web Service (available to partners only) 
    • Merchant Application API allows for the creation of merchant applications, searching merchant applications, and uploading documents.